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Our goal here at Missouri Midwifery is to provide the best quality holistic care to our moms before, during, and after the pregnancy. Our aim is to ensure the health of both mom and baby throughout the pregnancy and beyond. During the pregnancy, we want to make sure our expectant moms are comfortable and confident—and this practice continues into our postpartum care as well.


During the prenatal care at Missouri Midwifery, the expectant mom works with a Certified Nurse Midwifeto track the baby’s health and growth, while answering any questions that may arise. Directly after the labor and birth process, our postpartum care begins. Mom and baby have immediate skin-to-skin contact directly after the birth to encourage bonding and breastfeeding initiation. At Missouri Midwifery, we don’t require an overnight stay for new moms and babies—we only require a successful breastfeeding session, a nice, protein rich meal for mom, and a vital sign sheet to track the recovery of mom and baby. If those requirements are met, the new family can go home as soon as four hours after labor and birth.

Even the most prepared moms can feel lost and overwhelmed when they first come home with their new little one. That’s perfectly normal! Having a new baby is a huge life change. We know that you will probably have a lot of questions after coming home and experiencing life with your new baby. Luckily for you, our postpartum care includes a home visit to make the transition as easy as possible.


A Certified Nurse Midwife or Registered Nurse typically comes to visit sometime between 24 and 48 hours after the birth as part of the postpartum care. While at the home, the midwife or nurse completes the comprehensive vital sign sheet that was started before the family left the birth center. A full assessment and examination of the mom and baby is completed, including an assessment of how the baby is breastfeeding. The midwife or nurse will then complete the state-mandated newborn screening and answer any other questions the mom may have about breastfeeding or other aspects of newborn care. Sometimes, if the baby is still having issues breastfeeding, the midwife or nurse will make a referral to a lactation consultant to help get things back on track.

At Missouri Midwifery, we take extra efforts to make the entire pregnancy and birth process as relaxing and safe as possible. We tailor every experience to each woman who walks through our doors. We believe each birth is exceptional and strive to provide excellent prenatal and postpartum care. Through personalized holistic care, helpful resources, time-honored knowledge, and support, Missouri Midwifery is your center for health and happiness before baby and beyond.

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