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Giving birth is a beautiful process and there have been huge medical advancements to make birth as pain-free as possible. But our ancestors have been giving birth since the beginning, before all of these technological methods were invented. Giving birth naturally, or without the use of drugs, is an extremely intimate and minimally invasive method of having a child. Luckily, unlike our ancestors, we can now give mothers the ability to have a natural birth in a sterile and comfortable environment. This means mothers can now choose to have a natural birth safely and with as much control as possible.


The most common reason mothers choose to have a natural birth is the complete control is gives you over your body throughout the birthing process. Without the intervention of drugs you are able to be completely present, both physically and mentally, throughout the process. In addition, the natural birthing method is the least invasive method of giving birth. This means you will have your baby with minimal intervention.

By choosing this method you acknowledge the fact that you will more than likely experience pain, but there are relaxation techniques you can utilize to lessen any pain. Due to this, the comfort of the mother is greatly emphasized, she is in charge throughout the birthing process.


There are only three necessary components of a natural childbirth; your midwife, your child, and you. Many mothers also have their partner present for the birth. This is another big factor in mothers choosing to have their child naturally. You and your partner are able to share every step of the experience. Your midwife will also be there every step of the birthing process. Through labor and birth, they will make sure you are comfortable and will walk you through everything. It is important to have a midwife that is comfortable with all aspects of natural birth.

At Missouri Midwifery, we are able to provide you with all of these comforts. Our facility is well equipped to make sure you have the best birthing experience possible. We only employ Certified Nurse Midwives as primary birth attendants. We take pride in being able to provide the most comfortable experience possible for the mother and her family. Missouri Midwifery cares deeply about every family who walks through our doors and we want to give you a birthing experience you can treasure for the rest of your life.

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