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When you come to Missouri Midwifery to have your baby, you can expect to have maximum comfort through the labor and birth process. You’ll come to the  center when mom is in active labor. This means that contractions will be about 5 minutes apart and will last about 60 seconds per contraction. If this has been happening consistently for at least one hour, it’s time.


Some common concerns mothers may have is how comfortable they will be during this process. They want to know if they can eat or not, what position they should be in for birthing, how to relax during the labor and birth process. We make sure to alleviate all of these concerns. Your Certified Nurse Midwife will guide you through the labor and birth process to allow you to just relax and have your baby.

Many of these questions mothers have can be answered by the mother herself, we want her to have complete control during the process. What position is most comfortable for you? If you’re hungry or thirsty, go ahead and eat! It’s whatever mom is feeling, your natural instincts guide you best.


Our procedure is designed to maximize comfort and minimize stress during the labor and birth process. When you arrive at the center in labor we will start by monitoring your contractions. If your contractions decide to take a break you’re free to leave the birth center for a while to relieve stress in whatever way you see fit. Whether this means taking a walk to get some fresh air, going to a restaurant, or even going to see a movie! Distraction is a great way to ease the labor process, so do whatever feels right.

Once your contractions are stronger and the time to have the baby is getting closer we will still prioritize your comfort. You can take a shower, a nice hot bath, walk around, and eat and drink as you wish. During this time we will take mom and the baby’s vitals to make sure everything is going well. When your baby has decided it’s time to greet the world, mom can give birth anywhere in the birthing room that feels comfortable. Whether this is the bed, the water, or the floor, it’s her choice.

After your baby arrives, they will be put in direct skin-to-skin contact with mom. This will promote breastfeeding initiation and encourage bonding. Staff will continuously assess mom and baby’s health until it’s time to leave. We then provide mom with a high protein meal before going home. After this, the family is free to go home as early as 4 hours after birth.

At Missouri Midwifery we are well prepared to give you the most comfortable labor and birth experience possible. We want nothing but happiness for our families and will strive to meet your every need. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact Missouri Midwifery to learn more about how we can help you have a happy, natural birth.

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